#atinylife sticks&stones

We cycle most days at the moment – changed days indeed! I remember early on in lockdown puffing and panting up a hill (to be fair, I have just been diagnosed with asthma, but also to be fair there have been a lot of crisps lately). Some ‘well-meaning’ gentleman made a comment that he was walking faster than I was cycling.

That was kind.  sticks&stones

A couple of weeks later my lovely next door neighbour saw me saddling up my two-wheeled steed and said there would be nothing left of me soon. This, despite the fact that he has probably never seen me fatter.

That was kind. He’s a great guy.

As a family, we agreed this morning that some people could benefit from being a bit more aware of the people exercising around them. But if they can’t say something nice…


#atinylife the greatest of these is

I may speak in the tongues of yoga and of cycling for miles, but if I still love food, I will become neither svelte nor sinuous. And if I have fast days, or avoid dairy or meat, or if I have all faith, and chunter on about my heart health and how weight is just a number, but still love food, I am not, and will never be thin. If I give away all my Dairy Milks, and hand over my cola bottles, I may kid myself on I’m being ‘good,’ but if I still love food, I gain, um, everything …the greatest of these is


Food is patient; food is kind; food does not insist on its own way; it is not as irritable or resentful as I am about societal beauty standards; it rejoices in my ‘wrong’doings.

It rejoices … in my fat rolls.

#atinylife yoga

It always feels like the things I hold out against most vociferously are the ones I end up obsessed by.

I never wanted to live in Scotland. Didn’t feel I belonged, didn’t think there was ‘enough’ here for me. Now it’s home, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. (See also, The Archers)

The same has come to pass with … Yoga. I couldn’t stand all that hippy, bendy, breathing stuff. What a piece of nonsense. And so expensive!

tinylife Yoga

I was wrong though. Wrong about it all. Through my lovely school friends, I discovered Yoga with Adriene and can confirm that Adriene is not paying me to tell you that she is wonderful. She does not need my rave reviews, she has over 3 million followers. I am hooked. Folded.



AND I can touch my toes for the first time in twenty years!

#atinylife exercise

I realised today that I got back on my bicycle six months ago.

I used to cycle twelve miles a day – commuting by bike. I’d never been so fit, before or since…

Last summer I finally did it: started dragging myself, my bike, and the kids out.

tinylife exerciseI was going to hold myself accountable (by putting it on Social Media) for exercising every day over the Christmas holidays. Thank goodness I didn’t –

There were two days when it was raining beyond the protection of any outdoor wear.

There was a day when my Mum was staying and feeling unwell.

There was a day when I was feeling unwell.

And of course there was Christmas Day!

But I did go for a walk, or a cycle, on the other days. I moved. I’ve started some yoga. I’m doing my tiny best.