#atinylife140 CoffeeShops

On the radio, the man says

‘You’ve just had a baby,

so you’ll be in loads of coffee shops



‘I’m back at work like you!’ she says.


She’s owning him, on the radio.

He thinks

motherhood is easy,

and coffee shops are full of easy woman and their babies.



the man says

‘You told me

you’d had an NCT coffee



The audience laugh.


You could’ve let her be right.

How hard it is:

having a baby, being freelance.

Women wanting to work,

men ripped from their babies,

two weeks later.

Everyone’s guilt.


None of it is any good.


You know –

it’s no fun in a coffee shop

with a tiny baby.Coffee Shops

Getting half a conversation. At best.

But we’re sitting about,

having lovely coffees all day.


You could’ve left it.

We get enough of all that.



#atinylife Dollies

‘Where do the dollies go?’ I say.

‘We don’t want the dollies anymore, Mum.’fullsizerender-29


I don’t care whether they want the dollies now.

It was having them in the first place that mattered. My sons, having dollies. They played regularly with them, often in the pink buggy.

They know that pink doesn’t belong to girls.

They dote on their teddies, now. Their nurturing instincts are intact. I worried, before, that they could be eradicated by a house full of lego, cars, the colour blue.

Maybe I worry too much.

Maybe I don’t worry enough.


I put the dollies in the box of hand-me-downs. They will go to sons of a dear friend.

There’s no such thing as girl’s stuff, my son says.


The rest of the toys: cars, Lego … and yes, teddies … get put away, neatly for another day.