#tinylife Clarks: good news!

Don’t judge me for shopping for school shoes three weeks after our term started.

OKClarks, judge me if you like!

But I just had to share – especially after the whole dolly-babe nonsense – that we had the best surprise when we went to Clarks yesterday.

I was all for going to JD or Schuh, but it turns out my children are creatures of habit. So in we went, to the shop we’ve gone to since my oldest was getting their first walking shoe. They have gravitated to the ‘girls’ side since they could toddle.

Yesterday, I looked at the ‘girls’ side. And there was no girls side.

Clarks at Fort Kinnaird have mixed their shoes – they’ve got a trainer wall, and the smarter shoes are on the right.

To some people this would mean nothing. To me it means so much.

#atinylife shoes – a guest post by Joanne Baird, Portobello Book Blog

There’s been a lot of debate about girls’ shoes lately.

The stereotypical names – “Dance Honey”, “Dolly Babe”

Their impractical flimsy nature which doesn’t allow for splashing, running, playing

Unlike the corresponding boys’ styles – “Long Jump”, “Harlem Racer”

Does it get better with ladies’ shoes?

I don’t want fashionable. tinylife-shoes.jpg

I want shoes I can wear for more than one season.

I don’t do heels. Ever. I want practical not painful.

I don’t want to pay £70 or more for something that falls apart after one summer.

I want shoes that don’t look like my granny’s, without costing a fortune.

Too much to ask? It seems so.

Men have it easy. Everything is strong, practical, functional.

There’s too much choice, yet not enough.

I don’t fit the stereotype – and I hate shoe shopping!

While we’re on the subject, I don’t do handbags either…..


#atinylife DollyBabe


It’s not the name I object to.

Well, that’s not true.

I mean, the name is just.


DollyBabe is not what you’d hope for

In a girl’s shoe name.

But the name is only on the box,

Isn’t it?

In Clarks?

Possibly on the underside

of the shoe.

Which, although present, is not as obvious as some

T shirts.

‘I’d rather be shopping’


I saw, the other day.

Age 4-5.

What upsets me


would be

of more distress to Clarks.



clothing outlets.

tinylifee dollybabe



Look at those shoes.


You can’t climb in them

You can’t splash in them

You can’t run fast on slippy grass in them.

They have no grips

They wouldn’t withstand

A light shower, for goodness sake!




Dolly Babe.

Not keen.

But also,

shoes that curtail

what girls

can do?

Not keen either.