#atinylife Clothes Shopping²

Clothes Shopping (1)‘So the deal is, if I like it and you like it, it’s a possible, OK?’

M&S: a long look in the so-called ‘girls’ section, and a quick sweep of the so-called ‘boys’ section.

My oldest is displaying a pathological fear of the colour blue. It reminds me of how my husband’s son used to feel about pink.

‘What about this one?’

‘It’s blue.’

‘It’s blue and white striped! It’s a girl’s top.’

‘I don’t like it. It’s too plain.’ What, it’s a top in good taste? I thought. ‘You said …’

‘OK, OK.’

‘What about this one? This one is nice.’

‘Yes, but I don’t like it.’ I say.

We cross to another shop. I’m beginning to lose hope again.

‘I like this one,’ my oldest says. And so do I. ‘And this one.’ Me too.

Thank you, Next.

#atinylife clothesshopping

‘How long until we need to pick Dan up?’

‘An hour and…forty minutes. We’ve got time to go and swap those trousers, if you like.’ The ‘skinny’ jeans from Asda hung off my oldest’s thighs.


We arrived and swapped the voluminous trousers for a gift card. Because my oldest is currently identifying as gender non-conforming, we started at what we call the ‘so called’ girls section.Clothes Shopping

Nothing that sparked an interest.

So we checked the so-called boys section.

Nothing. Unless you count the flicker on a tiger T shirt which wasn’t available for anyone over five.

‘I’m sorry. I’m taking so long,’ my child said.

‘It’s not your fault.’

There was nothing there for an individual that wasn’t a girly girl, or a boyish boy.

I just hope that the whole world isn’t going to be like that.


#atinylife Christmas?!

‘We need to start thinking about Christmas.’

It is the 22nd of October, but I nod. The September weekend (the middle of September) used to be our starter’s pistol, guaranteeing a December of smugly saying ‘We’re pretty much done.’

But that was BC, and we all know what BC stands for – Before Children.

I’m not even ready for Hallowe’en, but, hey! we need to start thinking about Christmas. It’s a full on free fall between now and December 25thchristmas

HalloweenBonfireNightMartinmasFairNiece’sSchoolShowWinterFairSchoolNativityChurchNativityPubSingalongChurchChurchFamilyVisit –

all rolled in tinsel, wrapped in snowman paper. The idea of fitting in thoughtful gift buying, alongside these extras, and maintaining the tinylife, AND keeping school uniforms clean, in twenty-five December days … that’s why we start in October.

Now it is December. The kids are wound to a tight Christmas sprig.

Just don’t ask me if I’m feeling smug yet.


#atinylife Shops

Today I have been thinking about…shops.


To be honest, this tinylifer doesn’t go to the shops that often full stop. At this time of year, I actively avoid their hugeness, their message of ‘Christmas IS Shopping’, crammed so full of people I feel as if the doors will burst, shoppers and merchandise floating into the car park and away.

So I buy online, or locally.

As for shopping for myself; my wardrobe is expanding as my waistline shrinks. Joy as things fit me. Some I hadn’t worn for years, but just couldn’t throw away.

But yesterday, I did go to the shops. The charity shops in Stockbridge, Edinburgh; every label and brand (including vintage). When I buy, it’s even a tiny way of helping a charity.

I got a hat, for next summer, and a pair of sparkly shoes.