#atinylife BikeYogaMum

Ha! Who knew that cycling, yoga and parenting could be such an interlocking gift?

Picture the scene (if you look after kids, it won’t be a stretch), you are taking the kids out for a bike ride, but the littler one has hit his leg off his bike, has a huge meltdown and refuses to go.

Instead of using the normal things (threats or bribes, of course!), this day I found myself doing some yogic breathing.

And it worked!

Cycle Yoga Mum

I didn’t mind that he seemed very upset, I was pretty sure he was OK and just required some fresh air and exercise.

We got out for our cycle. He did 5k. I didn’t scream at him, or take away SCREEN TIME, or offer to buy him something I couldn’t afford.

Yoga rocks.

And sometimes, as a parent, so do I.

#atinylife yoga

It always feels like the things I hold out against most vociferously are the ones I end up obsessed by.

I never wanted to live in Scotland. Didn’t feel I belonged, didn’t think there was ‘enough’ here for me. Now it’s home, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. (See also, The Archers)

The same has come to pass with … Yoga. I couldn’t stand all that hippy, bendy, breathing stuff. What a piece of nonsense. And so expensive!

tinylife Yoga

I was wrong though. Wrong about it all. Through my lovely school friends, I discovered Yoga with Adriene and can confirm that Adriene is not paying me to tell you that she is wonderful. She does not need my rave reviews, she has over 3 million followers. I am hooked. Folded.



AND I can touch my toes for the first time in twenty years!