Short Stories/Reflective Pieces



I always have a number of submissions of short pieces out in the ether, doing their best. Last year (2021), I returned to paid work, so my submissions took a bit of a back seat.  Here are my statistics:

Submissions 46

Yes 3

No 29

Yet to hear 11

My Novel

How Many Wrongs make a Mr Right? was my debut novel, published by Crooked Cat. It is currently out of print.

A chick-lit novel with added grit, the book follows Melissa through frog-kissing, bed-hopping and sliding off her lily-pad with embarrassment more times than she would like to count. As glimpses of Melissa’s future contrast with her chaotic present and her bittersweet past, you’ll be left wondering – is there a happy ever after?cover from Amazon

Guest Blogs

I participated in an eleven-date blog tour in the run up to the release of my debut novel, and have guested regularly on blogs. If you’d like me to write a piece for your blog, just let me know at  atinylife140@gmail.com.

Here are a couple of my guest blog pieces:

Stationery Love on Jera’s Jamboree

The Monday Monologue on the brilliant Mumzilla Blog

My blog tour post on the Broad Thoughts from a Home Blog


‘Being the Other‘ is included in the Tyne & Esk Writers Anthology, From the Lighthouse on the top of this pile. Please visit the contact page if you wish to purchase a copy of the book.

Edge Photo

A long time ago, ‘The Moon’ was published in an anthology called The Edge, pictured here.