Here is a list of my non-fiction/journalism credits.

My piece ‘One thing you need to consider before you share THAT meme’ was published on the Having Time website in January 2019.

I wrote a piece about Emotional Labour (it was the hardest piece of writing I’ve ever done). Fearless Femme published it on their website in July 2018.

As a volunteer reporter for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in 2017 and 2018, I produced several pieces for their website over the course of the festivals.

Refinery 29 UK published my article The Problem with being a Liberal Christianin April 2017. The conversation on my Facebook wall is great, even covering the chosen cover image. (now known as Motherly) published my piece Why You Should Offer your Kids a Mental Health Day in January 2017.

I am a Dangerous Woman! Read my post for the Dangerous Woman project here .

My piece ‘A letter to…’ was published in the UK Guardian in 2011. You can’t view it on their website anymore but here is a link to the article on my Facebook page. I also published my piece from The Ropes Journal on my Facebook page here.