#atinylife List² by Penny Hext

‘To Do’ Lists.Lists

Don’t you just love ‘em?

For me it means I can:

1)            Pretend to be organised.

2)            Enjoy the illusion of being in control.

3)            Promote the idea of being coolly rational.

4)            Daydream…. whilst looking as though I’m organised.

5)            Doodle… whilst stalking my creativity. Naturally!

6)            Budget. More importantly: look as if I’m balancing said budget.

7)            Come up with all sorts of Bucket Lists. I mean ideas.

8)            Defer. Procrastinate… Endlessly.

9)            Blame The List – if something’s not on it.

10)          Blame The List – if something IS on it. It’s my Alter Ego. Honest.

11)          Look serious.

12)          Look as if I’m working.

13)          Surf. I mean research. You know? On the Internet.

14)          Shop quicker. In theory. (You’re shopping from the list, right?) So what happens when you find something you want which isn’t on The List. Hmmm?

15)          Over to you now. Do you get the idea?

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