#atinylife DollyBabe


It’s not the name I object to.

Well, that’s not true.

I mean, the name is just.


DollyBabe is not what you’d hope for

In a girl’s shoe name.

But the name is only on the box,

Isn’t it?

In Clarks?

Possibly on the underside

of the shoe.

Which, although present, is not as obvious as some

T shirts.

‘I’d rather be shopping’


I saw, the other day.

Age 4-5.

What upsets me


would be

of more distress to Clarks.



clothing outlets.

tinylifee dollybabe



Look at those shoes.


You can’t climb in them

You can’t splash in them

You can’t run fast on slippy grass in them.

They have no grips

They wouldn’t withstand

A light shower, for goodness sake!




Dolly Babe.

Not keen.

But also,

shoes that curtail

what girls

can do?

Not keen either.


5 thoughts on “#atinylife DollyBabe

  1. And the same applies to ladies’ shoes too. Men’s are usually sturdy but want anything that’s not ‘fashion’ for women and you get shoes like my granny’s!


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